Active Mile @ Home

Tasks & activities to support young people to maintain their physical activity levels


Each year pupils and staff across North Tyneside come together and take part in the “Daily Mile Celebration Day”.

To continue celebrating, schools & young people are encouraged to get involved in the Active Mile Challenge. This could mean completing a mile each day at home, completing activity at school or trying other activities that equates to completing a mile. We want to encourage young people to continue to participate & keep active.

Active Mile @ School?

  • Throughout each week, select times when the children in your school could complete their Daily Mile or Active Mile. Although the title suggests that it takes place every day, make it work for you or maybe set a target. “How many miles can I/we do this week?”
  • If you are choosing to do the Daily Mile you may already have a set course but if not could you work with the children and measure out the distance? How far is one mile in metres? How many times around your school, your yard or your field do you have to go to cover one mile?

A few tips…..

  • If children complete 15-20 minutes of running, jogging or walking, they are likely to have covered one mile.
  • We suggest that you set children off to complete their Daily Mile at specified time intervals ensuring that children are socially distancing.
  • If the children want to go a little quicker, encourage overtaking safely and keeping their distance.

Active Mile Challenge

We want to encourage children to complete their Active Mile safely in or outside of their own home. This is a great way to break up children’s learning!

Ideas to help reach your target for the Daily Active Mile Challenge!

In your garden, your yard or somewhere in your home, you just need 5 metres (m) and two markers.

Fact: There are approximately 1,600m in 1 mile

  • For a 5m shuttle run you would need to complete 321 repetitions
  • Could you break it up into 4 parts throughout the day or the week?
  • Complete 403m each time, this is 80 repetitions
  • How about timing yourself, can you keep the same pace each time you complete the reps?
  • Can you get faster?
  • Do you have more space? Extend 5m to 10m or even 20m and decrease the number of repetitions

Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear and that the area you are using is dry and clear

The Stair Climb

Fancy a bit more of a challenge to your Active Mile? How about doing it up and down a set of stairs!

  • You will have to work a little harder to climb the stairs, your legs will tire much quicker!
  • Try walking up and down your staircase for 10 minutes without stopping.
  • Remember it’s not a race, the aim is to just keep moving & to keep that heart beating hard in your chest!

Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear and the staircase is clear

Active Mile Bingo! (Downloadable resource below)

Ask someone to call out each exercise in any order and tick them off when you’re done. Do all 10 and complete your Active Mile!

Fact: To travel 1 mile we take approximately 2,000 steps.

  • We are going to aim to take 2,000 steps whilst completing all 10 exercises in just a small space at home or at school.
  • Keep each exercise up for 1 minute and then have a 1 minute rest between each one.

Too easy?

  • Challenge yourself and make it an active rest! Step side to side for 1 minute at whatever pace suits you then complete the next exercise that is called out

Will you call out bingo by the end of today or this week?

Be creative with your mile!

  • What’s your favourite music artist, can you keep walking, jogging, running or just simply moving to 5 of their songs?
  • Why not get dressed up! Pull out your best fancy dress!
  • What about making it a family challenge? Can you encourage your family who might not live in your house to do a mile at the same time? How many miles can you cover in total?

Remember, listen to your body, stay safe and have fun!


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